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As a The Look Stylist, you are an independent business owner and considered an “independent contractor” under all applicable laws. The goal of the Program Guide and Stylist Agreement is to ensure each Stylist has clear expectations of the qualifications that must be met to receive the benefits of The Look reward and incentive plans and to stay in compliance with the policies and procedures.

As an independent business owner, you are not an employee of the Company. There are many advantages to your independent business owner status, and as your business grows, so can the value of your self-employed position. You will receive business guidance, yet you have the freedom to choose your own hours and the business methods that work best for you. It follows that the ideas included in The Look training materials and guides are suggestions that may help you build your business.

You shall be solely responsible for determining the method, details and means of running your business.

You have no power or authority to incur debt, obligation or liability, or to make any representations or contracts on behalf of the Company.

You will not represent to any third party that you are an employee of The Look.

The Company incentives and marketing plans have been developed to support your independent business owner status. Simply stated, this means you are your own boss. The qualifications detailed in this guide are not meant to imply that your position is different than that of an independent business owner.

Since the information and policies described here are necessarily subject to change, revisions to the guide may occur. All such changes will be communicated through official notices, and revised information may supersede, modify, or eliminate existing policies.

Of course, this guide cannot cover every situation that may arise. If you have any questions about a policy or program, please email the Stylist Relations Department at The Look reserves the right to make determinations on a case-by-case basis.

All The Look Stylists are subject to the terms and conditions of the this Agreement.




Corporate Office Hours:


Sunday: Closed

Monday through Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm PST

Saturday: Closed


Stylist Relations Department: 866-588-2247

Stylist Relations Department Email:  








The Look has grown into a leading force because of our commitment to building a respected image within the industry and among customers. This has been obtained through the actions of the corporate office, as well as every Stylist representing the company.

Each Stylist is asked to represent and sell The Look products and present The Look business opportunity with the highest degree of professionalism, integrity, ethics, and accuracy. Stylist do not participate in any activity that is illegal or that in any way may be deemed detrimental to The Look name, products, opportunity, business, corporate entity, or the organization of The Look Stylists. All Stylists are asked to follow The Look Good Standing Requirements.


3.1 Good Standing Requirements


Dress in professional business attire for all parties and corporate events to which you are invited and, in all situations, while promoting The Look, unless casual attire is specified. If events are casual, dress should be tasteful and appropriate.

Accept that each person is entitled to his or her own opinions and views. Do not speak negatively about another Stylist or make that individual feel uncomfortable when his/her approach differs from your own.

Refrain from the use of inappropriate language, slang, and derogatory and/or profane terms when representing The Look in person and/or on social media platforms.

Respect others’ personal space and avoid inappropriate body contact.

Treat other Stylists and members of The Look corporate office staff with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Do not consume alcohol or smoke at any function or party where you are representing The Look.

Concerns regarding policies or procedures shall not be addressed to members of The Look corporate office publicly during events, meetings, or other public forums.

Never encourage a Host/Hostess, customer, or potential Stylist to stop doing business with another Stylist.

Be present for all parties booked or ensure that booked parties are covered by another Stylist in the event of an emergency.

Process payments and fulfill customer orders in a timely manner.

Provide ongoing customer service by addressing inquiries and concerns in a timely fashion and respect each customer’s privacy by providing confidential ordering.

Provide honest information regarding price, delivery, usage suggestions, quality, and order processing, and refrain from deceptive or unethical selling or sponsoring practices.

Adhere to the Rules of Selling, Party Policies, and all other The Look policies outlined in this Guide.

The corporate office and/or the Company Governance Board may review violations of the code of conduct.

Maintain status as an Active Stylist who does not have outstanding balances with The Look corporate office or any of its affiliated vendors.


3.2 Rules of Selling


Stylists cannot represent another company that offers products similar to The Look at the same event/party.

Stylists may not advertise or sell products online other than through their personal website. Listing The Look products for sale on another website, online auction, online flea market, or other online outlet would constitute a violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Stylists may not sell The Look products at garage sales, flea markets, or consignment stores.

If you are a representative for another direct sales company, you cannot combine products at the same party unless the products are unrelated.

You can combine parties with other direct sales representatives. This means that you can have a candle party, cosmetics party, or any other themed party alongside you’re the Look party with a representative from another direct sales company.

You are not permitted to purchase products from other The Look Stylists; however, you may trade with a Stylist in order to fulfill customer open orders. Stylist may purchase business supplies (such as catalogs, Order Forms, etc.) from other Consultants.

Products used for demonstrations (such as cosmetics) are not permitted to be sold to customers.


Competition Restriction. While you are a Stylist and for a period of one year from the termination of the relationship for any reason, within any County in which you at any time displayed, promoted, or sold The Look merchandise (1) engage in a business similar to the Company's business, including owning, operating, organizing, managing, directly, supervising, consulting with, or otherwise working for or being employed by such a business; (2) solicit any employee or Stylist of the Company to become an employee, sales representative, dealer, Consultant, or contractor for you for a business similar to the Company's business; or (3) solicit any customers of The Look network of contractors or any person who is or was a customer of the Contractor during your relationship with the Company to purchase merchandise similar to the Company's from you or a business other than the Company.

3.3 Party Policies


Do not charge individuals for booking or attending a party. Consultants who choose to offer parties must do so on a complimentary basis. The complimentary party is an integral part of our overall marketing philosophy, and it is designed to help Stylists develop both customers and potential Stylist prospects.

The Look has built a reputation as a professional company with high integrity. In order to represent and build that reputation, Consultants should use proper terminology during presentations and refrain from telling overly personal stories when describing products.

Cosmetic product sampling should only be conducted on a guest’s hand, arm, neck, or face with permission.

Stylists are not permitted to transfer product into unlabeled containers for product sampling or resale.

All customer open orders should be delivered within two weeks of the date of the party (depending on corporate availability).

Open customer orders must be delivered directly to the customer, not the Hostess unless customer specifies otherwise.

Your Hostess receives 10% of the party subtotal in Free Products, and a Hostess with a party of $450 or more also receives a free gift (must be The Look products provided by the Stylist an example would be a wallet or small accessory). The subtotal includes all party orders and outside orders. The subtotal does not include sales tax or shipping and handling charges.


3.4 Becoming a Stylist


The Look Stylist Agreement and the Enrollment Form must be submitted to The Look corporate office.

If a kit is purchased through phone, the original copies must be submitted within 60 days of kit purchase date. Failure to comply will result in the Stylist’s account being placed on hold or terminated.

If a kit is purchased online, all paperwork is submitted automatically.


The Look corporate office reserves the right to speak with each new potential Stylist prior to shipping his/her kit.


3.5 Recognition Title Advancement


Recognition titles are used to celebrate various milestones in team growth as well as determine incentives eligibility, recognition, bonuses and more.


Recognition Title: What it is used for


A Stylist's recognition title determines the highest Paid-At Level they are eligible to earn Bonuses in any given month. The Look recognizes the hard work of Stylist at all recognition titles. Since recognition title is determined by the size and sales volume of a Stylist’s team, incentive contests and opportunities for recognition are often times conducted so that Stylists compete against others at a similar title, and the requirements for achievement will also differ according to the recognition title held.






Qualifying for Recognition Title


Stylist recognition titles are determined by the number of 1st downline active personally sponsored Stylists (non-rollups, and also not including those currently holding the recognition title of Stylist 1 -7) and the Stylists Total Team Volume (level 1 and level 2).

A Stylist recognition title advancement can happen at any point during the month, but usually goes in effect between the 1st and 5th of the following month.


3.6 Maintaining Active Stylist Status (to participate in incentive program)


Jr Directors and above must achieve personal retail purchases/sales of $50 or more every calendar month to remain active. Should a Stylist (at any title of Jr Director or above) fail to achieve minimum personal retail purchases/sales of $50 in a calendar month, their title will remain however their status will be moved to inactive.


3.7 Stylist 1-7 Status


At Stylist 1-7 status,

A Stylist is not considered active and therefore may not participate in the full compensation plan by earning bonuses or earn incentive contests until they achieve a status of Active Jr Director or above.

While at Stylist 1-7 Status, a Stylist will maintain their downline. 

While a Stylist holds the title of Stylist 1-7, they do not count towards their Sponsor’s active Consultant count to maintain their recognition title, or to promote to a higher recognition title.

Any Retail Sales generated by Stylists with the title of Stylist 1-7 and their subsequent 1st downline members will still contribute towards the Group Sales of their Sponsor.


Should an individual have no interest in remaining in Stylist 1-7 status, the Stylist may notify the corporate office to request his/her program be canceled. This will result in his/her team immediately rolling up.



3.8 Party Locations


Although The Look parties are primarily held in a Host/Hostess’s home, on occasion a Stylist may receive a request to hold a presentation at an alternate location (restaurant, bar, hall, etc.). When this occurs, the Stylist should ensure Party Policies are met.





4.1 Ordering Guidelines


All orders must be paid in full prior to shipment.

All deadlines and processing times are based on United States Pacific Standard Time (PST).

If more than one order is placed on the same business day, each order will be processed individually, and separate shipping and handling charges will apply.

The corporate office cannot add or remove products, or cancel orders once submitted, nor can they change delivery information.


4.2 Placing an Order


Orders placed before 11:59 pm PST are typically shipped within 72 hours of receipt at The look Corporate Office, not including weekends or holidays. (Processing times are subject to change during high order volume periods.)  After an order has been placed allow up to 3 hours for the order to reflected on reports and trackers on a Consultant’s Online Office. Please keep in mind that all order information is recorded at the time of the transaction, not the time that it appears in Online Office reporting.

4.3 Accepted Forms of Payment



Credit on file


4.4 Buying Discount


Stylists receive a 30% buying discount off the suggested retail price


4.6 Corporate Backorders


Once inventory becomes available, backordered items are shipped with the next Stylist order.

Backordered items may not be cancelled at any time.

Should a backordered item be discontinued, the Stylist will be issued a Credit on File for the original purchase amount.

Should a Stylist fall Inactive before backorders are shipped out, they are forfeited.





5.1 Domestic Shipments


The Look Corporate Warehouse ships packages via United Parcel Service.

The Look does not guarantee the delivery date of any shipment.

UPS does not deliver to P.O. Boxes; only to physical addresses, including carrier hubs.

The address and/or delivery method cannot be modified once the order has been placed.


Restricted Items

Federal regulations prohibit aerosol and items containing alcohol from shipping to Alaska or Hawaii due to hazardous material regulations.

Federal regulations prohibit aerosol and items containing alcohol from shipping via expedited air service due to hazardous material regulations.

Orders will be canceled when ordering aerosols and/or items containing alcohol with shipment destinations to Hawaii or Alaska.


5.3 Shipping Discrepancies


Returned Shipments

If a shipment is refused or returned to The Look:

A refund, minus shipping and handling charges and a 20% restocking fee, will be applied to the Stylist’s Credit on File account.

If an order is returned, the products will need to be reordered.


Damaged Packages

The Look makes every effort to pack orders in such a way to prevent product damage during shipping.

Shipments become the responsibility of the carrier upon pickup from the Look corporate office.

If a Stylist receives a damaged package, he/she must contact the Stylist Relations Department within one business day of receipt.

Stylists should keep all products and packaging until an acceptable resolution has been achieved.

The Look will file a claim with the carrier and work with the Stylist to arrive at a resolution.


Stolen/Missing Packages


Shipments become the responsibility of the carrier upon pickup from The Look corporate office.

If a Stylist’s order is stolen or missing, he/she must contact the Stylist Relations Department within one business day to file a claim with the carrier.

The claim may take up to ten business days to process and resolve.


Missing Items

If a Stylist receives his/her order and an item is missing, she must contact the Stylist Relations Department within one business day of receipt.

Once an item is reported missing, the Stylist Relations Department will investigate the claim and work with the Stylist to resolve the missing product issue.


5.4 Warranty/Return Policy


The Look accepts merchandise returns for damaged or defective merchandise only.

A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number must be requested from the Stylist Relations Department.Please send requests to with your name, Stylist ID number, date of the order, order reference number, and a description of the defect.

RMA requests must be submitted within 30 days of the invoice date in its original packaging (including information, accessories, and any other items that came with the product).


Upon approval, an RMA number will be issued.

A Warranty Exchange Form must be completed for each item being returned and included in the returned package. This form can be emailed to you form the Stylist relations department.

The Look reserves the right to audit RMA requests on an as-needed basis.

Stylists will be required to maintain possession of the defective merchandise for a period of 30 days following the RMA approval. The Look corporate office may require a product to be physically returned on a case-by-case basis.

The Look reserves the right to approve or deny any returns submitted to the corporate office. Any item obviously misused, stretched, or used for presentation purposes will not be accepted for return.

Apparel items may only be returned due to defects. We will not accept returns due to size discrepancies.

Defective items approved for return will be exchanged for duplicate items only.

Replacement items will be shipped with the next Stylist order, once an approval notice is sent.

If a duplicate item is not available, The Look will credit the Styist for the purchase price of the item as a Credit on File.




6.1 Credit on File


Monies owed to the Stylist from processing customer sales, downline commissions, monthly bonuses, or other miscellaneous that total an amount of $19.99 or less for the entire calendar month, are added to a Credit on File account. Credit on file can be used as a payment method for Stylist orders or other charges.

Bonus payments of $9.99 or less are always given in the form of Credit on File.

  1. Direct Deposit Method of Payment


Monies owed to the Stylist from processing customer sales, downline commissions, monthly bonuses, or other miscellaneous that total an amount of $20 or more for the entire calendar month are issued to you via PayPal direct deposit.

Questions regarding receipt of your deposits paid by The Look should be directed to our Stylist Relations Department at




7.1 Selling Products Online


To maintain the integrity of The Look brand name, product line and Customer/Stylist relationships, Stylists may only sell The Look products via their replicated website, including current and past merchandise and any other promotional materials (collectively, “Products”).

Stylists agree not to sell, market or promote merchandise sold by The Look on any website not specially authorized by the Company, including, but not limited to, eBay, Amazon, or any other sites including open market places.

Stylists may not use online classifieds (including Craigslist) to list or sell The Look products. You may use online classifieds to inform the public about The Look business or party opportunity. Such classifieds must identify you as an Independent Stylist. If a link or URL is provided, it must link to your personal replicated website.


Personal Website Policies


Stylists that join the company on or after December 1, 2018 are required to pay a monthly website fee of $9.99.


The name of The Look and other names as may be adopted by The Look are proprietary trade names, trademarks and service marks of The Look (collectively “marks”). As such, these marks are of great value to The Look and are supplied to Stylists for the use only in an expressly authorized manner.


To protect the Company’s intellectual property rights, the use of Company trademarks, or any confusingly similar variation thereof, or the use of copyright-protected material in any form of electronic advertising or communication is not authorized except through Company-approved trademark standardization programs such as The Look personal replicated website program. Promotion of you’re the look business online is reserved exclusively through participation in the personal replicated website program and other Company-authorized programs. If you create your own website, it cannot incorporate Company trademarks or copyright-protected material. Most Internet service providers allow you to create a website in connection with the services they offer. If you take advantage of this service, it should not be used to promote your The Look business.

The Look makes no guarantees or representations regarding the success or usefulness of having a The Look personal replicated website.

Internet services provided by The Look are solely provided as is. The Look makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, including without limitation conditions of merchantability, title, or non-infringement.

The Look may not be held liable for any downtime on your personal website due to server delays or problems, viruses, maintenance, or any other reason whatsoever.

The Look personal replicated websites should not present false or misleading information about The Look, The Look opportunity, or your relationship with The Look.

The Look personal replicated websites are to be used to promote The Look products only. The promotion of other companies and products is strictly prohibited.

It is the sole responsibility of each The Look Stylist to ensure that his/her The Look personal replicated website fully complies with the Company’s personal website and online policies as well as with all applicable federal and state rules and regulations. Stylists are also responsible for ensuring their downline Stylists comply with these policies.

Stylists will be held responsible for any statements or other content posted on their The Look personal replicated website or email, including liability or harm caused by such statements or material.

In the event your Stylist relationship with The Look terminates for any reason, you must immediately remove all references to The Look (including logos) on your personal website, Facebook page, or other social media applications.


7.3 Personalizing Your Website


You may personalize sections of your The Look personal replicated website via your Stylist Online Office.

These rules apply to managing your personal replicated website:

Choose carefully the information you post on your personal replicated website.

Your personal replicated website is to be used to promote you’re the Look business only. You may not use your personal replicated website to solicit others to buy or sell products or services other than those of The Look.

Do not include the following items: street addresses and any photographs containing nudity, or subject matter that is obscene, lewd, violent, harassing, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable.

With respect to any content uploaded to your personal replicated website or used on marketing materials, you warrant that you own or have the necessary rights, licenses, consents and permissions to use in a commercial manner. This includes, but is not limited to, copyright photography.

The Look may at its sole discretion reject, refuse to post, or remove any personalized information (including private messages) by you, or restrict, suspend or terminate your access to all or any part of your personal replicated website at any time, for any or no reason, with or without prior notice, and without liability.


Note: If you become aware of misuse of a personal website by any Stylist, please contact the Stylist Relations Department to report the inappropriate content.


7.4 Personal Website Orders


When a customer places an order via your personal replicated website, the corporate warehouse will pack the order and send it directly to the customer.

You will be paid a 20% commission on the Retail sales of the order (excluding sales tax and shipping and handling).

If a product is on backorder, the customer will be contacted by the Stylist Relations Department and will be given the option to cancel the backordered item or select an alternate item. When a customer cancels a backordered item or an order, it may take up to five business days for the credit to post on the customer’s account (depending on the customer’s financial institution).

If a product is delivered to the customer damaged or defective, the customer must contact the Stylist Relations Department to replace the item.



  1. Search Engines and Meta Tags


The Look Stylists agree to cooperate fully with The Look, so Internet search engines list The Look corporate website,, as the first result when an internet browser makes a query containing the name “The Look” or any one of The Look product names or trademarks.

Pay-for-placement listings using the The Look name, The Look product names, or trademarks as the target keywords are strictly prohibited and are in direct violation of The Look policies. This includes, but is not limited to, Google AdWords advertising, Facebook advertising and third-party online shopping sites, such as Amazon or eBay.


  1. General Internet Policies


Stylists may not publish, post, or distribute any material on their The Look personal replicated website or in connection with The Look that is defamatory, libelous, disparaging, threatening, offensive, harassing, abusive, obscene and pornographic in violation of applicable law, or that inhibits others from enjoying The Look website or another Stylist’s The Look personal replicated website.

Stylists may not violate or infringe on the rights of others, including privacy, publicity, and proprietary rights.

Stylists agree not to interfere with or take action that results in interference with or disruption of The Look corporate website, other Stylist’s personal websites, or access to computer systems or networks connected to the foregoing.

Stylists may not promote themselves and/or their personal businesses on any official corporate social media accounts, i.e., The Look on Facebook, etc. This includes posting messages or comments promoting your services or the services of any other individual The Look Stylists. All party and opportunity leads generated through corporate social media accounts will be distributed by the corporate office.

When sharing documents or other materials specific to The Look, Stylists must share within a password-protected environment.


Website Domain Name and Email Addresses


Stylists may not create website addresses, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds or other social media sites that appear to be hosted by the corporate office. Creating a page called “The Look”, “The Look by Olivia Morgan Coupons”, or “The Look Oklahoma” etc is strictly prohibited. All mentions of The Look when promoting an individual business must include, “The Look by (insert name).”

New Stylists joining The Look must supply The Look with an email address they wish to associate with their The Look business. Email addresses should be professional in nature and support the brand image of The Look.

The use of The Look name within a third-party URL address/domain name or email address is permitted (, Third party URL addresses and domains must redirect to a Stylist’s The Look personal replicated website.

The name must adhere to the rules set forth in the Good Standing requirements.


Redirecting URLs from Purchased Domain Names


Stylists can purchase a domain name from a third-party registrar that will only act as a link, redirecting customers to their official The Look personal replicated website. This may help in cases where an alternate name may be shorter and less difficult to remember.

You may not link to or from another business, hobby, or non-The Look product or opportunity. Doing so is a conflict of interest as outlined in this guide.

Third-party URL addresses and domains may not be used to promote you’re the Look business and cannot contain company trademarks or copyright-protected material.


The Look only guarantees the security of your personal replicated website when used as given to you by the company.  We not warrant or guarantee personal replicated websites that have an external link to access them. 



7.7 Online Networking Sites and Social Media


All Stylists using Facebook and other social media channels for their business must comply with the terms-of-service agreements of the social channels. Stylists who fail to do this should understand that they run the risk of having their social media accounts suspended or terminated by the site owner. Example: Facebook’s terms of service prohibit members from conducting commercial business through personal profiles. Therefore, any Stylist wishing to use Facebook to promote her The Look business should do so only through a business fan page in order to stay compliant with the terms of service.


All guidelines for The Look logo usage should be followed when posting content to social media. (Refer to “Use of The Loo by Olivia Morgan Logos, Copyright and Trademarks.)

Unauthorized use of copyrighted content on your social media channels is prohibited. This includes photos and videos from other brands, models, etc., as well as content posted by The Look corporate office to its official social media channels. Saving content to your computer and republishing it onto your social channels as your own content constitutes an inappropriate use of copyrighted content. Social media channels offer options for legally dispersing content originally posted by another user in a way that gives credit to the original owner: “sharing” on Facebook, “retweeting” on Twitter, “re-pinning” on Pinterest, etc. If you are not sharing according to the terms of use of these social media channels, and you do not otherwise have permission from the owner, you will legally be at risk.

Stylists are free to utilize social media platform functions to create “groups” as a forum for discussion among your team, customers, etc. but are not permitted to create groups or accounts which could be mistaken for an official corporate account. For example, Dallas Fashion Divas Team Group is acceptable, The Look Trades, The Look Discounts, or The Look Support Group are examples of names that are not acceptable. The corporate office reserves the right to deem an account or group as being in violation of this rule on a case-by-case basis. Any groups created on any social media platform pertaining to a specific Stylist’s business must bear their name in all The Look logo images. These images can be obtained through the Stylist Facebook page under files.

Stylists are asked not to create groups that compete with groups created and maintained by the corporate office.

For corporate approval, please send all requests to

It is your obligation to ensure your postings and other online marketing activities are truthful, are not deceptive, and do not mislead customers or potential Stylists in any way. Postings that are false, misleading, and deceptive or are not in compliance with laws and regulations are prohibited. Example: It is misleading to claim that a The Look product has a medical effect using words such as “heal” or “cure,” because our products have not been tested as medical devices. However, products might “help” with a problem or “promote” a desired effect.

Stylists will be held fully responsible for any and all of their online activities conducted on behalf of their business. Do not post any content or materials that are obscene, threatening, derogatory, disparaging and malicious or that infringe on or violate, in any way, any law or any right of any person or entity, or any other content that might in any way reflect poorly on The Look.

Throughout the year, The Look uses hashtags for campaigns and contests. If you submit a photo or other social post using one of our predetermined hashtags, you agree to allow The Look to use this photo in marketing materials, on official social networks, etc.

The Look requires that postings, photographs, messages, profiles, etc. posted on social networking sites with mention of The Look be tasteful and not include street addresses or subject matter that contains nudity, obscene, lewd, excessively violent, harassing, sexually explicit or otherwise objectionable subject matter. This is to protect the brand identity of The Look and the success of all The Look Stylists.




  1. Internet Advertising and Promotions


To protect the Company’s logo, trademarks, brand names, and copyrighted material, Stylists must receive approval from the corporate office before advertising or promoting their business on any paid electronic network.

Corporate images and materials that bear the copyright symbol, trademark symbol, The Look logo are not to be used in electronic media without prior written permission from the corporate office.

As mentioned in a previous section of this guide, Stylists are not permitted to modify corporate marketing images or materials to include promotions specific to their own business in a manner that could lead the viewer to believe that it is coming directly from the corporate office.Any promotional materials from the corporate office that have been modified to include additional sales or

promotions specific to a Consultant’s own business must be clear that the additional sale is not corporate-wide.

Personal pages with indiscreet or racy images/media will not be permitted to be associated with The Look advertising.



7.9   Spam

The Look does not permit Stylists to send unsolicited commercial emails unless such emails strictly comply with applicable laws and regulations. Please refer to the federal CAN SPAM Act for rules and regulations.



7.10   Privacy Policy

Stylists agree to abide by the privacy policy set forth on The Look website and to honor and extend those same policies to people visiting Stylist’s personal websites.


7.12 Texting


If you choose to communicate with customers or potential customers by cell phone, you are solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws regarding marketing communications, including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Prior express written consent is required for certain cell phone communications. If you are asking for customer’s content information and intend to send text messages, you must receive permission. A sample statement is included below:


By checking this box, you are agreeing to the following statement:

- I consent to receive telemarketing calls from [insert name of Stylist] to the mobile phone number identified on this form, and I understand that these calls may be initiated by automated technology. I understand that I am not required to provide consent as a condition of purchasing any The Look product or service from [insert name of Stylist] and that I can provide a land line phone number, email address or other means of communication.





8.1 Programs


The Look offers a variety of incentives to recognize and reward Stylists for individual and team performance. The following is a list of incentives offered by The Look corporate office to Stylists:



Incentive Trips and Contests


8.2 Contest Period and Rules


The Look 2018 contest period is as follows: 12:00 am PST December 1, 2018 through 11:59 pm PST December 31, 2019.


The Look ends the contest period on December 28th to allow our representatives time to verify results and perform upgrades. Stylists orders or new kit purchases submitted after this time will count towards the following contest period. On occasion The Look is required to modify the contest closing date to allow for system upgrades, physical inventory and year end validations. When deadline changes are necessary Stylists are notified in advance.

The Look may revise or discontinue individual incentives at the Company’s discretion.

All rules and qualifications are subject to change at the discretion of the corporate office. The Look corporate office reserves the right to make decisions regarding final interpretations of rules and qualifications and the eligibility of all final prizes, bonuses, and trips awarded to Stylists.

Information regarding Active Stylist qualifications, Retail sales information, and promotion or contest rules given to a Stylist verbally by the The Look corporate office shall not be binding upon The Look.

No exceptions or extensions of contest deadlines will be granted for mail delays, weather conditions, Internet access interruptions, or for other reasons.

The Look reserves the right to verify new Stylist information and activity. Falsifying new Stylist information or orders for the purposes of earning an incentive, recognition title, etc. will be cause for termination.





8.3 Eligibility


Only Active The Look Stylists with a signed The Look Stylist Agreement and Enrollment Form on file are eligible to participate in The Look contests. Stylist 1-7 status is not eligible for prizes, incentives, etc.

Each contest will require specific requirements for measures such as sales, sponsorship, parties held, etc. The requirements will be disclosed prior to the start of each contest.

Sales are defined as “total sales/purchases after any discount.” Sales do not include Business Supplies or other special purchases (i.e., t-shirts, catalogs, order forms, etc.). Products purchased on sale (daily sale items, other special discounts, etc.) are counted toward total sales at the reduced amount. For example, if a product has a regular price of $10.00 and is on sale for $8.00, you receive credit for an $8.00 purchase. The Look reserves the right to modify the sales credit on special promotions, such as the new product sets, product bundles and on special premium retail items.

Any Stylist that cancels their program and re-joins that same contest period can qualify for the 2018-19 Contest Period rewards and incentives. However, his/her previous downline, all personal sales totals and new Active Stylists earned prior to canceling will not count toward any contests. Only Retail sales and new Active Consultants from the most recent sign-up date will be counted.

Trips, leases, tickets to special events, etc. are not transferable. The winning Stylist may not give the prize or trip away to another person or request cash in lieu of a prize. If a Stylist cannot travel during the specified trip dates, an alternate prize will not be awarded.

Incentive trackers and reports are supplied to Stylists for the purposes of gauging their progress toward trips and prizes. Sales figures and new Stylist activation counts are not final until validated by the corporate office. Tracking information does not guarantee a trip or prize has been won. The Look internal data system operates on a batch-processing basis. After an order has been placed, it may take between one and two hours to be reflected on reports and trackers on a Stylist’s Online Office. Please keep in mind that all order information is recorded at the time of the transaction, not the time that it appears in Online Office reporting.


8.4 Bonuses


Bonuses are paid to Stylists monthly in the form of an automatic payment direct deposit or Credit on File. You may earn bonuses in several ways.

The Look reserves the right to verify new Stylists before payment of bonuses. Failure to provide accurate contact information for new Stylists will result in the leader forfeiting any applicable bonuses.


Team Achievement Bonus (TAB)


TAB Bonuses are based on monthly Paid-At Levels and are handled separately from recognition titles. Recognition titles determine the highest Paid-At Level that a Stylist can achieve in a month, but if a Stylist does not meet all of the requirements for the Paid-At Level associated with their current recognition title, then the next highest Paid-At Level available to them will be checked to determine if the requirements have been met. This process will continue down to until a Paid-At Level is found where the Stylist achieved all requirements to be paid at that level for the given month.

For example, if a Stylist has a recognition title of Advanced Director, then the highest level they can be paid at for that month is Level 4. If this Stylist does not achieve one or more of the requirements for Level 4 or Level 3, but they do meet the requirements to be paid at Level 2, then they will be paid the override percentages and bonuses associated with Level 2 for that month. If, however an Advanced Director fulfills all requirements to be paid at Level 4, they would be paid at Level 4.

These Levels will be determined by performance criteria (see requirements in chart below) within that calendar month.  Each month, Levels 2 and above can receive a TAB Bonus if the activation minimum below is met.



Ranks & Team Achievement Bonuses

Rank Title

Lifetime Ranking Qualifier Team Sales

Active Direct Downline Qualifier

TAB Qualifier Current month Team sales

Team Achievement Bonus (TAB)

Total TAB Bonus Compensation







JR Director












Advanced Director






Senior Director






Diamond Director






Executive Diamond Director









8.5 Earning TAB Bonuses with Paid At Levels



The Paid-At level requirements that a Stylist reaches each month will determine the level at which the TAB Bonuses are paid. For example, if an Advanced Director has 20 personally sponsored active Stylists in his/her 1st downline & reaches $8,000 in Team sales he/she will be paid the TAB bonus for Paid At level 4, $350. If the same Advanced Director generates $7,0000 in Team sales instead of $8,000 she would be Paid At level 3, $150.

Once the Paid-At level is determined based upon the 3 requirements above (Lifetime Ranking Qualifier Team Sales, Active Direct Downline Qualifier, and TAB Qualifier Current month Team sales), the Stylist must then have completed the activation requirements noted above necessary for his/her rank level to receive the TAB Bonus.

Stylists are required to maintain Good Standing status and actively support their downline to be eligible for a TAB Bonus.

The Look compensation plan is designed to reward those who build legitimate The Look businesses through the sale of product and sponsoring. The Look discourages inventory loading and does not tolerate placing orders under another Stylist for the purposes of keeping them active. Kits should be sold to individuals who show an interest in promoting The look to others. Knowingly falsifying new Stylist information, buying Kits, or “manufacturing” sales for the purposes of earning Bonuses or incentives is considered fraudulent and will result in the loss of trips, incentives, bonuses or termination according to the Stylist Agreement.

Should there be a continued pattern of credit card payments and/or shipping addresses for Starter Kits and orders in a Stylist’s account that matches a different Stylist’s account the corporate office will investigate. Meaning if the Kit and all orders for Stylist “A” are paid for and shipped to Stylist “B” this would be seen as highly unusual. Stylist “A” will be asked to produce proof of sale of the product to customers. If this cannot not be presented both Stylists will be removed from the program.

The Look reserves the right to verify new Stylists before payment of bonuses. Failure to provide accurate contact information for new Stylists will result in the leader forfeiting bonuses.



8.6 Yearly Diamond Bonus


The yearly Diamond bonus is paid to Stylists that achieve the qualifiers.  The Diamond bonus requires an organizational volume of $1,250,000.00 in sales and a personally sponsored active downline of 200 or more.  The Double Diamond Bonus requires an organizational volume of $2,500,000.00 in sales and a personally sponsored active downline of 400 or more.  This Bonus is separate from all other bonuses.  Once you complete the Diamond bonus you have the remainder of the year to reach the Double Diamond bonus. The bonus period runs 1 year. Stylists that Joined on or before November 30, 2018 will have there year adjusted and start on December 1, 2018.  Any stylist that joins after November 30, 2018 will have their start date as the date they joined.  Stylist must remain in good standing throughout the entire contest period to be eligible for a Diamond or Double Diamond Bonus. The Stylist must have completed the activation requirements noted above necessary for his/her rank level to receive the Diamond or Double Diamond Bonus.


Yearly Diamond Bonus


Yearly Ranking Qualifier Team Sales

Active Direct Downline Qualifier

Total Bonus Compensation

 Diamond Bonus




Double Diamond Bonus








8.7   Outstanding Balances


If a Stylist has an outstanding balance with The Look corporate office, Bonuses, trip values, incentives or other rewards will be applied to the unpaid balance.


If an outstanding balance is acquired, a Stylist may be prohibited from placing orders until the balance is paid.



  1.   Incentive Trips and Contests


The following rules and requirements will be in effect during the 2018-19 rewards and contest period.

To be eligible to count toward incentive contests, newly-sponsored Stylists must meet the minimum requirements to become active during the contest dates.

Should returns or adjustments occur in the months after earning an incentive, The Look reserves the right to deem the Stylist ineligible and may or may not select another eligible winner.

Stylists who have obtained corporate approval to arrive early are responsible for securing their own accommodations and are responsible for all costs associated with this additional time including (but not limited to) lodging, transportation, fees, food, etc.


Insurance of any kind

Medical expenses

Parking fees

Child care

Telephone/telefax/fax/Internet charges

Baggage fees


Events offered during trips are reserved exclusively for the trip earner and for eligible guests (where applicable).

If a Stylist earns an Incentive Trip and wishes to arrive for the trip early, she must receive approval ahead of time from the corporate office.

If a guest option is available, guests must be at least 18 years of age (unless a specified family trip is planned) and may not be a The Look Stylist.

The corporate office reserves the right to revoke a Stylist’s incentive eligibility at its discretion.


Trips are non-transferable. The original winner must be one of the travelers.

Trip departure date, destination, and itinerary are subject to availability. The Look reserves the right to alter original arrangements when appropriate.

The Look is not responsible for transportation delays or irregularities and does not offer compensation for the same.

Eligible Stylists must provide The Look with their travel information within seven business days of confirmation that a trip has been earned as well as guest information and payment (when applicable).

When The Look books flights, tours, special events, etc. the Stylist is responsible for cancellation or other fees associated with change requests. The Look is not responsible for fees associated with changing travel information.

Once guest information is provided, the Stylist is fully responsible for cancellation or change fees associated with changing the guest information.

Although the corporate office takes great care in making arrangements as convenient as possible for achievers, The Look reserves the right to select the departure and arrival airports along with flight schedules.

The following expenses are not covered by The Look for trip winners:



Transportation to and from the departure airport

Dietary needs

Any other miscellaneous costs not specified in contest rules



• If an achiever chooses not to take a portion of the planned trip itinerary, The Look will not issue compensation for the unused portion. The Look must approve trip alterations. Should changes in trip plans affect The Look’s contractual agreement with the travel firms, alterations will not be allowed.

• If a trip achiever wishes to alter the original trip itinerary in any way, The Look is not responsible for any costs associated with the changes. The corporate office must be notified of trip alternations before departure.

• Balances due for approved trip alterations, additional costs, or buy-ins must be paid in full before arrangements can be confirmed and tickets released by The Look.

• The Look will not reimburse trip winners or issue alternate prizes should the Stylist and/or guest become unable to attend the trip.

• Trip achievers must travel with The Look during planned trip dates; achievers are not allowed to travel at alternate times or request an alternate prize.

• Some incentive trip destinations require a valid passport for travelers. Trip achievers are responsible for obtaining a valid passport before trip departure. Please allow ample time for passport processing, as delays are possible.

• A The Look Stylist may not take another Stylist as a traveling companion on stylist incentive trips.

• Trips and bonuses contribute to a Stylist’s income. Under law The Look must report bonuses and trip values and the Stylist is responsible for taxes associated for that income.



9. Marketing


9.1 Use of The Look Name


Stylists must state “The Look by (insert name)” when advertising and promoting their business. When using The Look’s name, you may also state your name followed by “Independent Stylist” (or appropriate title) for The Look. You cannot represent yourself as an employee or agent of The Look.


9.2 Use of The Look Logos, Copyright, and Trademarks


• The Look will only allow the use of its marks, designs, or symbols, or any derivatives thereof, solely for use by a Stylist in the furtherance or operation of her/his The Look business. The Look will not allow the use of its marks, designs, or symbols, or any derivatives thereof, by any person, including The Look Stylists, in any manner without prior, written permission.

• The content of all corporately-sponsored events is copyrighted material. Stylists may not produce for sale or distribution any recorded Company events and speeches without written permission from The Look, nor may Stylists reproduce for sale or for personal use any recordings of corporately-produced audio or video presentations.


9.3 Corporate-Approved Business Supplies and Vendors


• Stylists are required to purchase Business Supplies including business cards, catalogs, name badges, order forms, branded apparel, brochures, etc. directly from The Look or a corporate-approved vendor.

• The Look takes the position that sometimes Stylists find products or services The Look is not currently pursuing or likely to pursue in the near future that would be beneficial to their business. Therefore, The Look is open to others offering these services that might be beneficial to some Stylists.

• The Look reserves the right to withdraw permission for use of its name and logo from these services or the marketing of these products at any time. Stylists are strongly encouraged to contact The Look before they invest time and money in a product or service that The Look may deem to be counter to its interests, its Stylist’s interests as a whole, or damaging to its trademarks.

• For corporate approval or questions, please send all requests to


9.4 Flyers and Print Ads


• Pre-approved marketing flyers are posted on the Stylist Resource Facebook page in the file and include a customizable area for the Stylist’s contact information. If any creative information is added to the customizable area besides contact information, The Look corporate office must approve the copy.

• If a Stylist chooses to create her own print ads or flyers, she/he must contact The Look corporate office for prior approval.

• All ads and flyers must have either the corporate website address (, your official The Look personal website, or the main corporate office telephone number (866-588-2247) listed.

• For corporate approval, please send all requests to


9.5 Car Decals or Advertisement Wraps


• Stylists wishing to have a car decal created (other than what is offered by the corporate office) to promote their business require approval from the corporate office. The design must include the corporate website address or telephone number on the decal unless the Stylist’s personal website address is listed.

• For corporate approval, please send all requests to


9.6 Radio, Television, Interviews, or Publicity


• Corporate approval must be obtained by the Public Relations Department before contributing to any media interviews, articles, or other publicity.

• You may not broadcast, mention, or display The Look name, logo, trademarks, or product names in any way on the radio, local, or national television networks, or cable television networks no matter how limited the range without approval from the corporate office.


• It is not permissible to sell, advertise, or promote The Look products on the radio or television without approval from the corporate office.

• For corporate approval, please send all requests to


9.7 Press Releases


• If you would like to submit a press release to a local publication, you may only do so if you are attempting to publicize a recent promotion or achievement within the company.

• All other instances must be submitted for approval.

• For corporate approval, please send all requests to


9.8 Stylist Release


From time to time as a Stylist, you may participate in The Look events or provide us with a testimonial about your experience as a Stylist. In connection with these events and testimonials, we may record testimonials, quotes, pictures, photographs, video recordings, audio recordings, and the like (“Recorded Materials”) containing your name, image, likeness, and/or voice. By entering into the Stylist Agreement and in consideration of your participation in such events, you agree that:


• We may produce and distribute the Recorded Materials, or parts of them, in our business in any manner, including for training and education purposes, and in promotional materials.

• You’re assigning to us any and all copyright interests and rights of publicity you may have to the Recorded Materials, without any obligation for us to compensate you, whether or not you continue to be a Stylist.

• You’re waiving any right to inspect or approve any Recorded Materials or other materials that include any Recorded Materials.

• You’re agreeing that we may edit or modify the Recorded Materials or combine the Recorded Materials with other images, voices, performances, or material, as long as such editing, modification, or combination, is not defamatory, disparaging or misleading.

• You’re agreeing not to take any legal action against us for, and you release us from, all claims and liabilities in connection with the use of your name, image, likeness, or voice, claims for invasion of privacy, violation of right of publicity, defamation, personal injury, property damage, loss of services, or any other cause of action relating to use of the Recorded Materials.

• You’re agreeing that you don’t have any right, title or interest in any Recorded Materials or derivative work which uses your name, testimonial, quote, image, likeness or voice.


9.9 Participating in Corporate-Sponsored Promotional Events


• Stylists must be in Good Standing status and will be selected by The Look corporate office.

• Stylists who fail to attend a promotion they have previously committed to will have corporate party and/or opportunity lead eligibility revoked and will also not be asked to participate in future promotions.

• If a Stylist is unable to attend a scheduled event, it is her/his responsibility to notify the Marketing Department 48 hours prior to the event.

• The Stylist must provide the following items to The Look corporate office Marketing Department within two business days of the event:Totals for the event including but not limited to: bookings, party leads, opportunity leads.


9.16 Sponsorships


• The Look corporate office receives an overwhelming number of requests for sponsorships and/or charitable support. Although philanthropic participation is a major focus for The Look, it would be impossible to honor every request, and each is considered on a case-by-case basis.

• Requests for The Look sponsorships must be emailed to





10.1 Territories


There are no restrictions on the location of a The Look Stylist’s territory. A Stylist may sell, sponsor, train, and build her/his business anywhere within the United States excluding Hawaii and the U.S. Territories.


10.2 One Business per Stylist


You may only have ownership of one The Look business. There may be two or more The Look businesses per immediate household so long as the following criteria are satisfied:


• No one under the age of 18 may be a The Look Stylist.

• The other The Look business must be a bona fide independent business that is operated by the person listed on The Look Consultant Agreement and Enrollment Form and not by the other The Look Stylist in the household.


• Each Stylist must have a separate The Look Stylist Agreement and Enrollment Form.


10.3 Sale, Assignment, or Transfer of a The Look Business


Each Stylist’s business relationship with The Look is an individual relationship. Therefore, you may not sell, assign, or otherwise transfer a The Look business to any third party.


10.4 Confidential Information


All The Look Stylist’s downlines, group lists, or reports are confidential, proprietary information of The Look and constitute a business trade secret belonging to The Look. Downline information is provided to stylists in the strictest confidence and is made available to stylists for the sole purpose of supporting and developing their The Look business. Stylists should use their downline information to manage, motivate, and train their Stylists. Every The Look Stylist who is provided such information must treat it as confidential and take care to maintain its secrecy and to refrain from making any use for purposes other than management of their downline organization.

Because of your position as a The Look Stylist, you will have access to confidential information that you acknowledge to be proprietary, highly sensitive, and valuable to The Look. This information is being made available to you solely and exclusively for purposes of furthering the sales of The Look products, training, and sponsorship of individuals who wish to become The Look Stylists and to further build and promote your The Look business.

The Stylist agrees that she/he shall not, on her/his own behalf, or on the behalf of any other person, partnership, association, corporation, or other entity:

• Use or disclose to any person, partnership, association, corporation, or other entity any information contained in downline information or report obtained while her/his The Look agreement is in effect.

• Directly or indirectly disclose the password or other access codes to her/his downline information or report.

• Use the information to compete with The Look or for any purpose other than to promote The Look.

• Solicit any Stylist or customer of The Look or in any manner attempt to influence or induce any Stylist or customer of The Look to alter her/his business relationship with The Look.


Remedies for Disclosure of Confidential Information

You acknowledge that The Look would suffer irreparable harm because of any unauthorized disclosure or use of confidential information. Therefore, if you are in breach of the The Look corporate policies and procedures, The Look is entitled to an injunction or temporary restraining order without notice to you. An injunction will restrain any unauthorized disclosure or use of confidential information in addition to any other available remedy, including damages. In any such action, if The Look prevails, you agree that you are to reimburse The Look for its costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred in connection with taking the legal action. Stylists waive all bonding requirements otherwise applicable to a temporary restraining order and/or injunction. In addition, if you engage in any unauthorized disclosure or use of confidential information, The Look will terminate immediately your Stylist relationship.


10.5 Marketing Terms Agreement to Be Eligible for Overrides


• Bonuses are intended to incentivize those Stylists who are fully committed to the success of their businesses. Being part of The Look’s leadership requires effort, energy, and focus, and it entitles Stylists to leadership development information that is considered a trade secret. Therefore, Stylists who wish to take full advantage of The Look compensation plan must not publicly represent any direct sales or multi-level marketing company that is in direct competition with The Look. A direct sales or multi-level marketing company is defined as any organization that provides compensation for building a downline.

• All Stylists are permitted to purchase products from other direct sales companies for personal use, but Stylists who have signed a Marketing Terms Agreement must not publicly promote themselves as a representative of any other direct sales company that is in direct competition with The Look.

• Soliciting other The Look Stylists as a representative of another direct sales company, or on behalf of someone else representing such a company, is grounds for termination of the Stylist Agreement. Solicitation is defined as directly or indirectly inviting someone to join a downline organization of a direct sales company, or encouraging a Stylist to purchase product or services from such a company.

• The Look Stylists may host personal parties or attend their friends’ personal parties held through other direct sales companies. In these cases, Stylists may invite other The Look Stylists to attend those parties or the parties of friends without threat of termination.


10.6 Re-activating from Inactive Status


• A Stylist who falls to Inactive status may rejoin by sending a written request to provided they are up to date on any fees owed to remain a Stylist in the program.

• Stylists fall to inactive status when they have a period of 60 days of inactivity.

Inactive stylists forfeit any compensation from downline commission, incentives, or contests.It is the responsibly of the Stylist to ensure they do not fall inactive.


10.7 Sponsor Changes


• Requests to change Sponsors will only be honored in due to extreme circumstances to be determined by the corporate team on a case by case basis.

• House Account Policy: If a Stylist signs up under The Look corporate office, not a team leader, she/he is considered a “House account” and will be put under a team of a leader with whom has a proven track record of helping their downline become successful and who exemplifies the spirt of The Look.



If a Stylist falls Inactive, all the Stylists in the downline automatically roll up into the downline of the Stylist’s Sponsor.

• Roll-ups are not recognized as part of the 1st downline active count requirement in improving or maintaining a Stylists Recognition Title. However, they will be counted toward the requirement to maintain the Stylist’s current Recognition Title and benefits associated (does not count towards the 1st downline active Consultant requirement; that requirement can only be satisfied by personally sponsored Consultants).

• When roll-up and title changes are made, first Stylists are made Inactive, then a Consultant’s Recognition Title is re-determined and adjusted if applicable, then all roll-ups are moved into the correct downline.


10.8 Leave of Absence

• The Look corporate office can approve a leave of absence of three months for those Stylists who have a medical condition, military deployment, or family issues that will prevent them from maintaining their Active Status through traditional procedures.


• A Leave of Absence does not protect a Stylist from termination resulting from violations or for a lack of maintaining good standing while on Leave of Absence.

• A Stylist must fill out the leave of absence form, which can be obtained by contacting the Stylist Relations Department, and submit the form to The Look Stylist Relations Department along with a doctor’s note or documentation supporting her request. Please allow 48 hours once the corporate office receives the necessary paperwork to process leave of absence request.

• If a leave of absence is needed for more than three months, a written request for an extension should be submitted to The Look Stylist Relations Department before the original three months has expired. Extensions are considered on a case-by-case basis.

• If a leave of absence is required due to active military deployment, the Stylist must submit her deployment documentation containing dates of deployment to The Look Consultant Relations Department.

• Stylists who are on a leave of absence are not eligible to receive trips, contests, or special incentives. To receive Bonuses the Consultant on a Leave of Absence must meet the monthly requirements in accordance with the Paid-At levels as laid out in the Incentive Requirements Guide.

• The Look corporate office reserves the right to refuse a leave of absence request at its discretion.


10.9 Terminating Relationship with The Look


• As an independent business owner, a Stylist has the right to terminate her/his affiliation with The Look.

• To terminate the relationship, a Stylist must submit a certified Letter of Termination to The Look corporate office.


Stylist Relations Team

184 W. Winnie Ln

Carson City, NV 89703


• All financial obligations to The Look must be resolved at the time of resignation, or The Look has the right to pursue all means to collect any outstanding debts owed.

• A Stylist has no right to claim or collect lost profits, lost opportunities, or other damages.

• A Stylist will lose all benefits as a The Look Stylist.

• All Kit purchases are a final sale. The Look will honor all state laws for Montana. Stylists residing in Montana may cancel their Stylist Agreement, without penalty or obligation, for a full refund within 15 days of their enrollment date. Should a Stylist residing in Montana cancel her/his agreement within the 15-day grace period any payments made by her under the agreement will be returned in full and in a timely fashion upon inspection of the returned kit, which must be in original packaging and in re-sellable condition. Should the end of the 15-day grace period fall on the weekend, notification and confirmation must occur before the end of the next normal business day. The Stylist is responsible for payment of the shipping cost required to return the kit to the corporate office. Cancellation of the Stylist’s Agreement must be made in writing to the corporate office based on Pacific Time to Requests made after 15 days from the enrollment date will not be honored and will be considered final sale. The corporate office will confirm receipt and supply a RMA # that must be included on the outside of the package. Packages arriving without an RMA will be returned to the shipper. Stylists who opt to terminate their agreement during this grace period will not be allowed to rejoin The Look in the future. Any bonuses paid, or cost of prizes awarded because of the original kit purchase and any indebtedness the Stylist owes The Look will be deducted from the refund amount.


10.10 Violating Policies and Procedures or Engaging in Illegal, Fraudulent, Deceptive or Unethical Behavior


 We expect all of our Stylists to live our values. It’s important for you to follow the highest standards of ethics, honesty, integrity and professionalism when dealing with Customers, Hostesses, fellow Stylists and employees. We may, at our sole discretion, take any of the following actions if you violate any of our policies and procedures or engage in any illegal, fraudulent, deceptive or unethical behavior:

• Place your account on hold and suspend your authority to operate your The Look business

• Impose a fine (which we may withhold from your commissions, bonuses, etc.)

• Reassign one or more Stylists in your Downline to another Sponsor

• Terminate your Stylist Agreement immediately

• Reduce your current and/or Stylist recognition title (temporarily or permanently)

• Report criminal behavior to law enforcement

• Take legal action against you

• Take any other action that we believe is appropriate and practical to fairly resolve any harm or potential harm caused by your behavior


10.11 Acts by Members of Your Household or Business Entity


You will be held responsible for violations of our policies or procedures committed by any:

• member of your immediate household

• business entity (i.e., a corporation, partnership, LLC, etc.) with which you are associated


If this happens, we may take any of the actions described under “Violating Policies and Procedures or Engaging in Illegal, Fraudulent, Deceptive or Unethical Behavior” against you, including possible termination of your Stylist Agreement.


10.12 Investigation Period When Terminating An Agreement

• On occasion, The Look may suspend access to a Stylist’s account while investigating the potential of terminating a Stylist Agreement. The Look will not compensate or provide consideration for bonuses, incentives or other aspects of the compensation plan that may be impacted by this investigation period.

• An investigation period is not always required. If the severity warrants The Look may immediately terminate a Stylist Agreement.

• The Look corporate office can terminate the relationship with a Stylist as explained in the Stylist Agreement. The following provides examples of instances the corporate office would elect to terminate a relationship with a Stylist, but is not limited to: A Stylist has violated any provisions of her/his Agreement, including the provisions of the policies and procedures set forth in this Stylist Guide and the Stylist Agreement in its current form, which may be amended at The Look’s sole discretion.

The Stylist has violated any laws, regulations, or standards of fair dealing.

The Stylist has not conducted herself in keeping with the brand image of The Look.

Unresolved Customer complaints.

Fraud or unethical business practices.


This can be for the amount of time The Look corporate office is investigating any conduct allegedly violating the Stylist Agreement or a sanctioned amount of time as defined by The Look corporate office.


10.13 Termination of Agreement


Termination of a relationship with The Look will result in the following:


• Termination of the Stylist’s Agreement and The Look business.

• Loss of party leads or opportunity leads.

• Loss of Good Standing status.

• Charging a Stylist for Party Complaint orders shipped out to her customer from The Look corporate office.

• Any other measure expressly allowed within any provision of the Stylist Agreement or that which The Look deems appropriate to equitably resolve injuries caused partially or exclusively by the Stylist’s policy violation or contractual breach.

• In situations deemed appropriate, The Look corporate office may institute legal proceeding for monetary and/or equitable relief.

• Either the Stylist or The Look may terminate this Agreement upon fourteen (14) days advance written notice.

• Terminated Stylists may not re-enroll as a Stylist at any time.



If a Stylist observes a violation by another Stylist, she/he should submit a written description of the violation directly to the Stylist Relations Department. Details should include dates, number of occurrences, persons involved, and any supporting documentation.





• If the corporate office receives a party complaint or inquiry regarding an unresolved issue with a customer, a Stylist Relations Department Representative will notify the Stylist via phone and email. The corporate office resolves all customer complaints within 24 hours.

• The Stylist Relations Department will attempt to contact the Stylist to resolve the situation. If the Stylist does not respond within 24 hours, the corporate office will resolve the complaint.

• If a customer’s backordered products are sent out on a Stylist’s behalf, the account will be charged the FULL Retail value of the products, including the shipping and handling cost. The Stylist will not receive the Buying Discount off of the cost of products sent to customers, so it is in the best interest of the Stylist to directly resolve complaints received from customers.

• Amounts owed by a Stylist will be deducted from bonuses and/or credit on file.

• If The Look corporate office must ship items to a customer, the charges will be deducted from the credit on file account. If there is an inadequate amount of credit on file account to cover these charges, the balance due will be added to her/his account. A balance due will remain on the Stylist’s account and ordering rights will be restricted until the balance is paid in full.

• To avoid delivery issues with customers, it is recommended to always require a signature confirmation for packages you ship to show proof of delivery (signature on receipt).

• In the event receipt is disputed and there is no signature proof of delivery, the Stylist will be asked to re-send the product to the customer. If a delivery confirmation can be provided, the corporate office will allow the Stylist to resolve the situation with the customer.

• In cases of fraud or unethical business practices, the corporate office will terminate the relationship with the Stylist.

• To regain Good Standing status and the benefits that are achieved with this status, a Stylist will be expected to operate without additional customer or Stylist complaints.

• Continued complaints may result in the relationship being terminated by The Look.

• A Stylist receiving five party complaints, or the total retail value of complaints is greater than $250, will be placed on 90-day probation. If an additional complaint is received during the probationary period, the Stylist may be terminated.

• A Stylist receiving party complaints with a total retail value greater than $500 will result in immediate termination.

• All party complaint rules are subject to corporate discretion.




To report grievances and complaints with another Stylist regarding any practice or conduct in relationship with her/his respective The Look businesses, the Stylist should contact the offending Consultant’s Sponsor or upline.


If the issue is not resolved, it must be reported in writing to the Stylist Relations Department. The Look will not mediate any personal grievances or complaints.


13.1 Criticism and Professionalism


We strive to provide our Stylists, business partners and employees with an environment of empowerment, education and fun. We value feedback and ask that your criticism always be constructive and professional. You agree to conduct your The Look business with integrity and to refrain from making negative, disparaging, false or misleading comments about The Look including its income potential, owners, investors, business partners, vendors employees, other Stylists, or any other direct selling company (including that company’s Consultants, compensation and products). You also agree not to anything that is likely to harm us, our reputation and goodwill or any other Stylist.

When associating yourself with The Look, we ask that you carry yourself with professionalism whether it be visiting a restaurant, holding an event, driving with The Look promoted on your vehicle, traveling to events, attending a team meeting, holding a party and so on.





14.1 Social Security or Tax ID Number Required

For The Look to comply with IRS regulations, we must have a Social Security Number or Federal Tax ID Number to provide the required 1099 reporting. This information is held in the strictest confidence and used only to comply with governing laws and for protection of your The Look business.


14.2 1099

A The Look Stylist is considered an Independent Contractor and not an employee of The Look, and therefore the corporate office does not issue a W-2 form.

The Look is required by federal law to report to the IRS and to send you a 1099 form when you:

• Purchase more than $5,000 at wholesale prices (which is defined as Retail minus your Buying Discount).

• Received any trips, gifts, prizes, awards or Bonuses with a value total more than $600 during the calendar year.

• The Look will not withhold taxes of any kind, including income taxes, FICA, FUTA, or other statutory withholding or employment taxes applicable to employees. As required by law, the Company will report to the Internal Revenue Service all payments made to you. You will comply with all tax laws applicable to employees or self-employed individuals, including the filing of necessary tax returns and the payment of all income, employment, or self-employment taxes.


14.3 Federal Law for 1099s


• 1099 forms will be mailed to eligible Stylists no later than January 31st each year.

• Stylists must report income or loss to the federal government whether or not they meet the above parameters.

• The Look cannot supply a breakdown of profits for the year.


THE LOOK does not guarantee any level of income from our Stylist program. Each Stylist's income will depend entirely on her own efforts and skill.

Welcome to our Stylist program. Happy Selling!

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