How much do I need to sell to be able to be paid commission for my downlines?


There is never a required minimum sales to be paid on your downlines. You recruit them, you get paid!

What are the quotas to remain active?

There is no quota to remain active. Just need to pay the $19.99 Annual fee.

Are the bags made of real leather?

NO!! There were no animals harmed in the making of our bags! Most bags are made from vegan leather.  It is the closest fabric to the real thing, matching it in terms of durability, water resistance and aesthetics. 

Can I sell my items in boutiques or retail stores?

Absolutely!!! This is your personal business!! Run it as you want it!!

Do I have to carry stock or deliver products?

Not unless you want to!! We provide your personal website making it convenient for your customers to purchase and have them delivered right to their door!

How do I get Paid?

Our company automatically tracks your commissions and sales and will send your payments to your personal paypal account by the 5th of every month.

Do I have to do home parties?

No. One of the greatest features of our company is that success can be achieved with a variety of methods. You can choose the methods that your are comfortable with and the ones that you make the most with. Whether that means internet sales, meeting one on one with customers, or having in home parties. You could even do fundraisers if you chose.

Do you ever get new styles in to choose from?

Yes!! Our company strives to have the latest and greatest in styles for all fashion trends!